I had my own art walk in the city yesterday, and it all happened coincidentally.

wp-1485328382390.jpgThis is only picture I have of my adventure yesterday — well this, and a purple cabbage-like flora that I’m going to identify, BUT other than that, the only picture. In this day and age, I’m pretty pleased to be saying that though and it’s not due to a low battery or lack of breathtaking scenic places because there were plenty of those. I was literally enjoying ev-e-ry moment of them.

It was so beautiful, at one point if any passerby would have caught me standing in one place with my head tilted back and jaw wide open staring at the ceiling, they may have called me a weirdo, it was that good. That kind of beautiful. It was like nothing I had seen before.

Simply put, I had a rather rare day in LA yesterday.

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