Episode 5 | Common Sense Ain’t for Common Folk 

 Remember when I said I manifest evolutionary sounds and words that move the collective consciousness in a forward & progressive direction? Well, thank the Universe for always providing me what I need because this one practically walked right up to me. 

In what I call “consciousness training,” you get a list of do’s, don’ts, and that shit ain’t real. Main one: Jesus isn’t real. Throw out your bibles. And turn your focus to your ancestors. While we should praise and pay reverence to our lineage, should we do away with our beautifully coined “religious practice”? Of course not. What if  we were just lead to believe (and I mean, believe) an alternative explanation of that exact text? A text left for us to use in application to give us liberation, like a weapon for wholeness. 

— Just a different perspective, you tell me what you think. 


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