Episode 3 | Black Women, WE Need to Get in Formation. For Real!

Millions of women showed up and out for the Womens’ March this past Jan. 21st, after the Trump Inauguration, to protest and demand their equal and fair healthcare rights be heard. I have one question — Where were all these millions when us Black Women specifically were going through our own struggle, when we were being gunned down in the streets? They definitely weren’t coming in droves to support us then marching for our rights. We were begging them just to listen our point of view then, but since their access to birth control is being threatened, we’re out holding hands singing Kumbuya?! I don’t think so! Black Women let’s bring the focus back to us, let’s save ourselves first before we go save someone else.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on how we can better ourselves and our communities in the comments below!

Check out Queen Afua’s Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit on Amazon.

The powerful sisters that are featured in this podcast are, of course, Beyoncé, Jah9, and OSHUN. Support!

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