I had my own art walk in the city yesterday, and it all happened coincidentally.

wp-1485328382390.jpgThis is only picture I have of my adventure yesterday — well this, and a purple cabbage-like flora that I’m going to identify, BUT other than that, the only picture. In this day and age, I’m pretty pleased to be saying that though and it’s not due to a low battery or lack of breathtaking scenic places because there were plenty of those. I was literally enjoying ev-e-ry moment of them.

It was so beautiful, at one point if any passerby would have caught me standing in one place with my head tilted back and jaw wide open staring at the ceiling, they may have called me a weirdo, it was that good. That kind of beautiful. It was like nothing I had seen before.

Simply put, I had a rather rare day in LA yesterday.

Actually, I gained a new outlook on Los Angeles. No, LA showed me how beautiful it really is! All other times I’ve been, I felt like I’ve experienced the extremes of LA: from the many down trodden blocks of people wearing scrunched up faces and glossy eyes to people moving too fast up and down the streets, in and out of shops, to even pay attention to where they were really going. Not yesterday. Yesterday, I saw more than typical high-rise buildings and skyscraper monikers, but buildings with individuality and uniquity (yes, that’s a word) that danced across the sky in every direction as rain clouds broke. Things started to look up for the city.

To prevent being caught outside by another potential downpour, we sought shelter in a bookstore that’s the last of it’s kind; the type that in addition to its rows of books, it has vaults of rare and first edition books, and even galleries of painted and handcrafted treasures in it’s rafters. When was last time you saw a complete Encyclopedia Britannica volume set? Rare, indeed.

Browsing through Vegan cookbooks can really work up an appetite, so just around the bend the Grand Central Market tempted my taste buds with every sort of cuisine known to man, from tapas to “topless” eggs, even its own Farmer’s market stand. Not many lifestyle fitting choices for me, so my selection of places was fairly easy. Plus, you can never go wrong with papas!

Afterward, an unassuming but grandiose public library that could double as movie sets of The Wizard of Oz or The Great Gatsby, provided a hideaway from the chill that the sunset would bring on. Lo and behold within it a gallery, about literature of course, was decked out with artwork on high ceilings resembling that of the Sistine Chapel.* This is where I took my mouth wide open stance that I referred to in the beginning. Literally, WOW-ing. And to top it off, a stairway framed by two sphinxes facing a monumental statue of the Goddess Athena leads downstairs to the study halls. Unbelievable.

All in a 3 to 4 block radius.

I’ve thought to question how surreal it all was, but why ruin a perfectly good day? Maybe it was because I didn’t have a set schedule or any particular place to be that made it worth my while, or maybe because I allowed the magic of the city to take over and lead me to where it wanted to be seen I enjoyed it? Maybe a little of both, maybe it was meant to happen… Whatever it was, it doesn’t seem like the same city I keep avoiding because it’s ‘too far’ from Long Beach. (LOL)


* This may be an exaggeration because I’ve never seen the Sistine Chapel, but you get the picture.

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