Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Why do you think you’re not worthy of him?

Because you don’t have material things to offer his outer senses? So what.

You lost your job, your car, so that makes you worthless?

You don’t have a college degree, a career, so that makes you less valuable?

You have baggage, that, you admit, you might have carried a bit too far. So what, that should keep you devoid of love?

You have fears of moving forward because you don’t want it be like the last time, so what?

What makes you think he’s worthy of you? He doesn’t have any of that either boo. You think he hasn’t thought of that too?

He hasn’t felt the expansion of your mind, so far wide that it would engulf his whole universe. He hasn’t fell into your never ending cosmic waterfall and came out of the other side of your love. He hasn’t laid in your thoughts and floated past the stars. No, he hasn’t even seen a fraction of you yet. Show him you can give him something he can’t physically touch but will always be with him. Show him you can flood his senses all at once. Show him you make one mean vegan brunch. Show him why when he had every reason not to move in your direction, he did anyway. Let him inner-stand your value. Let his eye see the geometric shapes your subconscious mind have blossomed into a beautiful lotus flowers. Show him the universe has something to lose if he doesn’t choose you.

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